When will the cool Arrive?

I have been working in the studio a lot the last few weeks.  I have enjoyed two gallery shows this month locally sharing JEA with Laura Barton and La Terra natural Oils sharing/managing it with 27 other Savannah Art Association Members.  I enjoy summer but I guess I am a bit ready for some cool.  I take my art out on my deck to dry and inevitably there are lots of gnats and love bugs who can’t seem to stop themselves from checking it out.  When we get a little cooler, that will stop and I can stop sweating on my art when I work outside as well.  That said, summer has sped by yet again and really….how is it almost October!  Thinking orange as you can see above, I call this one Orange Blossom.  Happy Fall to all.


Rain and more Rain

With the Understanding that 75% of the State of Georgia was under some form of drought conditions I am so glad it is raining and continues to rain for all of us.  Hope your state or home is getting its fair share as well.  That said I have a “gathering” of silks that need to be steamed and since this is done outside using electricity to maintain the steaming temperature, I have been unable to do so without tempting some form of peril.  I have been spending a lot of time on my recycled dress for the upcoming event in Columbia of ecoFAB Trash Couture and ReCurrent which I no longer manage in anyway but still enjoy the camaraderie of fellow creators with a passion for Adapt, Design. Create.

On this piece I am using recycled Target bags, publix bags and black plastic bags I use over and over until they can’t do it again to bag by recycled items transporting them to the local dump for processing.  BTW, I picked a large feed sack out of that same dumpster and have turned it into a top for this outfit.  Maybe you will be able to join us in Columbia at the Tapps Gallery on Main Street, August 31, 2019

Upcoming Spring Classes 2019

Skidaway Island Basket Class Flyer, Musgrove

I have started teaching small and fun classes about techniques I have learned along the way.  Teaching Coiled Basket making through Skidaway Island on 3-26 from 10-1

and Oatland Island, 3-23 from 10-1  Both locations are in Savannah, Georgia.  To sign up for the Skidaway Island, email me at Whitelotusarts@comcast.net or for Oatland Island, go to “Thefiberguildofthesavannahs” website and you will find the link to sign up.  Neither location requires membership of any kind, open to all….email me and I will answer all you questions.

Coming soon at Skidaway Island, there will be another Flag making “yard sized flags for under your mailbox or in your garden area.  They are fun to design and create, come play.

Following that class will be other make/take creations at affordable prices.

Hope you will come play with us!


Spring is so close….

Spring is in the air along with lots of yellow tree pollen, and beautiful promising weather here in Savannah Georgia.

I participated in an outdoor event in City Market during the St. Patricks Day Festival.  LOTS of people and great music.  So much going on and it was great people watching from 10-3 when I could feel the promised 72* weather getting much hotter than expected, time to go home!  I got to dance by myself and others in the squares of City Market and hugged by a drunk but very pleasant and funny man I did not know….I think that is the message of St.Patricks day here, meet new folks, experience and watch new things and say hello to everyone because we are all friends in this party.

Hope you have a fun St. Patricks day wherever you are located, below is an expression of green to remind you of your celebration.  Cheers.

The Sun is Shining today and I need a Theme

So rain, cold, more rain, more cold and finally sunshine.  Now I do have the luxury of HVAC in my studio so this is not a serious issue but these things do effect creativity.  Today there is glorious sunshine and I have to say, its very inspiring.  I am working on an upcoming show for JEA here is Savannah, they have the most wonderful space to show works of all kinds.  JEA is a big supporter of local artists and loves presenting their works to members and the community.  So this one is about picking a theme/name for the upcoming show.  Ive been reading is Design basics that as artists we are problem solvers……hmmm.  Not sure how I feel about that but I do get very excited about creating a new show and I like to create it generally about the place, area or current vibe I am getting about the area where it will present.  So I am looking at everything around me in an almost frozen state of creation if you will, waiting for the master idea to hit me…….  If you have feedback, please message me here, I would love to hear how you come up with new directions, new meanings etc.  We do each inspire the other so I am open to your thoughts.  Thanks for checking in, see you out an about in Savannah, GA.


This picture is about tension and it is a place I feel myself in but in a very good way.

Creativity in 2019

What does the new year mean to you?  Will you continue on with the “business as usual” or will you choose to shake it up?  I have started to stretch my territory, entering more shows, new towns and new galleries.  Its been fun to travel and see new places, everyone already knows how much a like an adventure!  I have had the privilege of taking guests along with me and it is more fun sharing a new city with a partner.  I have found my confidence in my creativity this 9th year and it feels wonderful to know how I want my work to feel and what I hope to express.  Its apparent that not everything created is a jewel but I see consistency and joy in every piece because the story for me is always the most important part.  I hope for you that 2019 means new adventures, fresh looks and out of your comfort zone happiness.  Love to hear from you about your experiences, come find me and share or email me:  Whitelotusarts@comcast.net