Monthly Archives: January 2019

Creativity in 2019

What does the new year mean to you?  Will you continue on with the “business as usual” or will you choose to shake it up?  I have started to stretch my territory, entering more shows, new towns and new galleries.  Its been fun to travel and see new places, everyone already knows how much a like an adventure!  I have had the privilege of taking guests along with me and it is more fun sharing a new city with a partner.  I have found my confidence in my creativity this 9th year and it feels wonderful to know how I want my work to feel and what I hope to express.  Its apparent that not everything created is a jewel but I see consistency and joy in every piece because the story for me is always the most important part.  I hope for you that 2019 means new adventures, fresh looks and out of your comfort zone happiness.  Love to hear from you about your experiences, come find me and share or email me: