Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Sun is Shining today and I need a Theme

So rain, cold, more rain, more cold and finally sunshine.  Now I do have the luxury of HVAC in my studio so this is not a serious issue but these things do effect creativity.  Today there is glorious sunshine and I have to say, its very inspiring.  I am working on an upcoming show for JEA here is Savannah, they have the most wonderful space to show works of all kinds.  JEA is a big supporter of local artists and loves presenting their works to members and the community.  So this one is about picking a theme/name for the upcoming show.  Ive been reading is Design basics that as artists we are problem solvers……hmmm.  Not sure how I feel about that but I do get very excited about creating a new show and I like to create it generally about the place, area or current vibe I am getting about the area where it will present.  So I am looking at everything around me in an almost frozen state of creation if you will, waiting for the master idea to hit me…….  If you have feedback, please message me here, I would love to hear how you come up with new directions, new meanings etc.  We do each inspire the other so I am open to your thoughts.  Thanks for checking in, see you out an about in Savannah, GA.


This picture is about tension and it is a place I feel myself in but in a very good way.