Spring is so close….

Spring is in the air along with lots of yellow tree pollen, and beautiful promising weather here in Savannah Georgia.

I participated in an outdoor event in City Market during the St. Patricks Day Festival.  LOTS of people and great music.  So much going on and it was great people watching from 10-3 when I could feel the promised 72* weather getting much hotter than expected, time to go home!  I got to dance by myself and others in the squares of City Market and hugged by a drunk but very pleasant and funny man I did not know….I think that is the message of St.Patricks day here, meet new folks, experience and watch new things and say hello to everyone because we are all friends in this party.

Hope you have a fun St. Patricks day wherever you are located, below is an expression of green to remind you of your celebration.  Cheers.