Rain and more Rain

With the Understanding that 75% of the State of Georgia was under some form of drought conditions I am so glad it is raining and continues to rain for all of us.  Hope your state or home is getting its fair share as well.  That said I have a “gathering” of silks that need to be steamed and since this is done outside using electricity to maintain the steaming temperature, I have been unable to do so without tempting some form of peril.  I have been spending a lot of time on my recycled dress for the upcoming event in Columbia of ecoFAB Trash Couture and ReCurrent which I no longer manage in anyway but still enjoy the camaraderie of fellow creators with a passion for Adapt, Design. Create.

On this piece I am using recycled Target bags, publix bags and black plastic bags I use over and over until they can’t do it again to bag by recycled items transporting them to the local dump for processing.  BTW, I picked a large feed sack out of that same dumpster and have turned it into a top for this outfit.  Maybe you will be able to join us in Columbia at the Tapps Gallery on Main Street, August 31, 2019