16x20 framed portrait $95

This 20+ foot piece sits inside of an infinity pool fountain and rotates the head in 3 pieces. $95

Original 1920's structure Photograph $95

This 1920’s Stone/Wood Barn is 20″x30″h Framed $200



Grand Central Station

I love Grand Central Station in NYC, the history is so rich and time is held so tightly here.

Central Park

The history I understand of the amazing statue is that it was the first public statue created by a woman and apparently it was shocking to the senses of most people at the time of installation.

Bubbles in the Park

I could have watched this for hours, the colors and shapes that came out from this bubble display were amazing

Violin Below

The acoustics were amazing in the underpass, Central park and the music was beautiful.

Columbia Square Mall Stars

Christmas start were stinging bring in Columbia Square Mall


Rain and water fall lights combine to make a beautiful mysterious water effect

Empire in the Rain

A dark raining night but the Empire Building manages to be amazing even in the harshest of circumstances.

I love to take photos while I travel around the world capturing beauty that evokes emotion, I hope you feel it!

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