Paintings and Mixed Media

16x20 Portrait, Abstract, Acrylic Mixed Media $145

16×20 Portrait, Abstract, Acrylic Mixed Media $145

Abstract, Musgrove IMG_8398 IMG_4606 IMG_4551 IMG_7923 IMG_7926 IMG_7938   IMG_4938 IMG_4901 IMG_5294 IMG_8000 IMG_8004 IMG_8011 IMG_7988 IMG_8027 2 IMG_5972 IMG_5955 IMG_8025 2 IMG_7978 IMG_7995 IMG_7994 IMG_7991 IMG_8373 Version 2 IMG_6046 IMG_8388 IMG_8893 IMG_6080 IMG_6087 IMG_8874 IMG_8025 IMG_8027 IMG_8033 IMG_8370 2 IMG_8372 Flight, Musgrove Peacock, Musgrove IMG_8862  IMG_8519  IMG_8370  IMG_7709  Winged Victory in Blue     Sister Angel IMG_8519 IMG_6026 IMG_8862 Peacock, Musgrove Flight, Musgrove IMG_8372     IMG_8874 IMG_6087     Version 2 IMG_8373 IMG_7978 IMG_8025 2 IMG_5955 IMG_5972     IMG_8000  IMG_4901 IMG_4938 IMG_7957 IMG_7938 IMG_7926 IMG_7923     Sister Angel, Sisters IMG_8025 IMG_6388 IMG_6236     IMG_5987 IMG_5984 IMG_5982 IMG_5973 IMG_5972 IMG_5970 IMG_5956 IMG_5955

Available on 10x10 Canvas reproduction copy $80

Free Falling, Acrylic on Wood Panel, Original Sold

A River Runs Through It

30 x 40 A River Runs Through It, Acrylic painting on Canvas. $535

8x8 prints/canvas available

These Abstract Memories were created to work together or separately. 8×8 pieces on wood panels. Sold

These are three separate pieces that were created in Harmony. 12 x 12 on Wood Panel, $120 each

You can feel the connection between these two points and it speaks of a close relationship. Very soft and wonderful earth tones to enjoy. 12 x 12 on Wood panel, Acrylic painting. $120

Green Hills

Green Hills is a commissioned piece for an Atlanta Couple. the lighting is perfect to highlight the depths of the greens and sky. For your own commissioned piece, contact Marcee @ $535

Railway Installation, Gaston County

Railway Installation, Gaston County 12×12 Acrylic piece on wood panel, Sold, reproduction available


Orange Burst

This Acrylic painting is abstract expression of a joyful magnitude. 16×20, It is framed. $145


SOLD, Dancing is an expression of the freedom of movement and joy that comes from the simple act of letting go and flowing with the beat or your favorite song.

12×12 Acrylic/Mixed Media painting called Water Bridges, I think the imagery speaks for itself. $120


This Southwestern imagery is a reminder of every great visit to the western USA. 12×12 Acrylic/Mixed Media piece is just $120

Red Sky

Red Sky is a 16×20, Acrylic painting, framed for just $145

Divine Feminine

There is a lot of feminine symbolism and imagery here, take your time and explore. 36×36 Acrylic Painting. $535

Cloud Visions

The perfect looking cloud scape to imagine many things taking place. 12×12 Acrylic/Mixed Media $120

High Flyer

12×12 Acrylic Painting with strong colors and a feeling of the freedom of flying or exploration. Sold, reproduction available


The flagship piece for the Bridges exhibit 8-12/11-18-2015 at the Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce Building, Belmont NC. A ethereal expression of connection between the heavens and man. 36×36 Acrylic Painting $535


The nightwatchman is to be found individually but will always carry a light to ensure your safe passage. Acrylic/Mixed Media 18×24 Framed , SOLD Reproduction Available

Acrylic/Mixed Media $125

Wild Aster, feeling strong and owning its space. This Acrylic/Mixed Media piece is 16×20 $145



Thoughts. 11x14 Framed piece

SOLD at auction to support Safe Alliance February 2015. Should you wish to have your own commission please contact me directly for details.

12x24 Acrylic Mixed Media $145


12x12 $100

Ophelia Rising, 12×12 Acrylic Mixed Media Framed Piece. $120

12x18 landscape, Ink on Yupo Paper, Framed This one is sold but I can create one in the same flavor just for you $90

12×18 landscape, Ink on Yupo Paper, Framed SOLD

12x12 Acrylic/Mixed Media $100

After Creating these pieces for Community Supported Art, they are now available for purchase to complete a collection or start one!

12x12 Acrylic/Mixed Media $100

Using Sumi Ink Paintings and speciality papers, I have created a forest reminiscent of a memory, where you spent hours in a quiet space watching nature play out. This is as good as a fish tank for daydreaming and your busy mind will thank you.

Tree Series are 12×12, Acrylic/Mixed Media $120 each Orange Vase is 12×24 Portrait SOLD

12×12 Wood Panel Acrylic Painting $120

24x36 Landscape Acrylic Mixed Media Painting. $425

24×36 Landscape Acrylic Mixed Media Painting. $425

35x35 Wood Paneled Acrylic, Mixed Media Painting $535

35×35 Wood Paneled Acrylic, Mixed Media Painting $535

16x20 Landscape, Acrylic Mixed Media $145

16×20 Landscape, Acrylic Mixed Media $145

12×12 Abstract/Mixed Media on Board, this one is SOLD but will make you one just for you in similar fashion. Cost: $120

24x36 Portrait, Acrylic $375

24×36 Portrait, Acrylic $375

16x20 Landscape, Acrylic Mixed Media, Framed $145

16×20 Landscape, Acrylic Mixed Media, Framed $145

18x24 Portrait Acrylic/Mixed Media, Framed Sold, reproduction Available

18×24 Portrait Acrylic/Mixed Media, Framed Sold, reproduction Available


“Explorer” 36×36 Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas. Exploring the idea of adventure into unknown places and times. $525


Bridges. The Etheral connections explored in this abstract Acrylic on Canvas painting. 36×36 $525


Reflections is an beautiful landscape of the imagination. 12×12 Acrylic on Wood panel $120


Mirror is a wonderfully distorted look into a landscape of natural beauty. 12×12 Acrylic on wood panel. $120

The legend Tree

The Legend Tree is a lone protector of its environment and its stories. Acrylic painting on 12×12 wood panel. $120


Camping is a perfect set up for a fire and a night of gazing into the wide open skies to follow. Acrylic painting on 12×12 wood panel $120

The Grassy Knoll

The Grassy Knoll is a perfect place to settle in and watch the clouds for awhile. Acrylic painting on 12×12 wood panel. $120


Pressure. You have to look closely to see this woman holding her own under great outside pressure. Acrylic on 12×12 wood panel. $120

Abstraction 6

Abstraction 6 is a small acrylic painting on 4×4 panel, your imagination is needed, you will love the exploration! Framed, $40

Deer in lights

Deer in lights is not in danger rather in the spotlight for looking so good sporting those beautiful antlers! Acrylic on 4×4 framed. $40


Aura is a fantasy in colors and forms. Acrylic on Wood panel 12×36 $425

Fire Angel and Fire Mountain companion Painting

Fire Angel and Fire Mountain companion Painting. the really bring out the best in each other. Can be purchased together or separately. acrylic on 12×12 canvas $120, Fire Angel is dyed paper mache and palm, perfect for a mantel or table $165

6 frogs

6 frogs were made for Disappearing Frogs project, Charlotte NC. They are offered for sale to raise money for amphibian preservation and habitat awareness via: if you follow this address you will find out locations and where to purchase them.

Self portrait

Self Portrait was created specifically for a show named just that at the Gaston Arts Guild. A recent photo of Marcee was placed inside of a full blown abstraction painting, the party hat is really the Eiffel Tower with celebration Gold coming out (I love to Travel) There is gold in the skies because I am a half glass full kind of woman. Its meant to make you smile and see the loves life and grateful to be a creative side of me.


Angel – I make a lot of angels, this one formed itself during my many sessions creating and letting go of it. 12×12 acrylic painting on wood panel. $120

Blue Horse

Blue Horse is an acrylic mixed media painting on wood panel, 12×12 $120


Protectress – she watches us to reassure us we are not alone! Acrylic Mixed Media on 16×20 canvas, framed. $145

Fashion at Columbia Museum of Art

Fashion at Columbia Museum of Art – I brought my piece to the Runaway runway event, this one is made from green wrap, birch bark, plastic leaves, moss, fake flowers, upholstery recycled fabric, plastic bags, paper tubing, toilet chain and burlap. It is currently on display at Tapps Gallery in Columbia, SC from June-August of 2016

The purple hills

The Purple Hills is so very much inspired by Clemson University. My husband and I met and were married at the Clemson Gardens, he loves this one! 16×20 Acrylic on Canvas, Framed $145

Sister Angel, Sisters

Sister Angel, Sisters – Ink painting of beautiful Turquoise Inks with Bronze “sisters” coming through, Framed $75. The Sister Angel is dyed paper mache and palm $165

16x20 Portrait Matted/Framed $145

16×20 Inks exploring the movement of earth as it grows and moves to accommodate the live around it. Matted/Framed $145 $145

Poppies, Acrylic

Poppies is a fun capture of poppies bopping in the winds so proud to be dancing for your enjoyment. Acrylic painting 16×20 for $145 , it is Framed